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Car Insurance for Young Drivers

Developing a Safe Driver

Teenagers perceive a driver's license as a ticket to freedom. It's momentous for parents too, who are relieved not to have to chauffeur their youngsters around anymore. But the price is steep. Crashes are the leading cause of death among American teens. Newly licensed 16-year-olds are the least prepared drivers on the road. They often believe risky driving in familiar situations is not dangerous or that they can cope with any unexpected developments.

Parents, once your teen is licensed, your job is far from over. That's when it's time to kick into surveillance mode. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open. What you see and hear - and how you respond to it - could save your child's life. Driving privileges should be phased in to restrict beginners' initial experience to lower risk situations. As your teen driver becomes more experienced and mature, restrictions can gradually be lifted.

Set a Good Example for Your Young Driver

It is much more likely that your teen will drive calmly and courteously, use a seat belt, pull safely off the road to use the cell phone, and obey the speed limit if you do.

Work With Your Teen's Driver Education Instructor

Find out how your teenager is performing in class and which skills he or she needs to work on. Ask for a copy of the Driver Education curriculum.

Provide a Safe Car to Practice In

Take your teen along for a lesson in car maintenance if your car needs a tune-up. This is a good time to talk about the costs of maintaining and insuring a car, and whether or not your teen needs to contribute.

Meet With Your Teen & Your Insurance Agent

Use this meeting with your young drivers car insurance agent to discuss the costs and responsibilities of driving a car. Research shows that teens who pay for a portion of the maintenance and insurance of the family car are more likely to be safe drivers.

Take Your Teen to Get Their License Only When You're Both Ready

Some teens may not be ready for a license even though they are eligible. You need to decide when your teen has demonstrated the skills and attitude to be able to drive without an adult.

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