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Britton South Dakota Insurance

QBE Farmers Union Insurance has been a long standing, reputable agency serving the Britton community and the surrounding areas for over 30 years. This experience provides us with the understanding of what our clients want and need from an insurance agent. We tailor our service to meet your needs and we offer valuable advice for your unique situation.

The Farber Agency strives to make CUSTOMER SERVICE our number one priority. Good customer service is all about bringing customers back as well as sending them out --- feeling valued and important! The essence of good customer service is forming a relationship with you...... one that YOU as the Customer would like to pursue.

The Farber Agency believes that these elements of customer service set us apart from other agencies.

  • Our phones are answered personally, there is no automated system during business hours.  We are open when you are off work, before, during noon and after the regular 8:00 - 5:00 business hours.  Our contact numbers, including cell phones are available for all our clients and they are encouraged to call us with whatever their needs may be.
  • We are reliable. We take pride in making only promises that we CAN keep.
  • We suit our service to fit your needs. We make all efforts to be responsive to our clients needs. Your personal, individualized needs are a top priority to us, as we try to customize each policy to fit your needs.
  • We handle all concerns seriously. When customers bring us their concerns, we value their opinion and accept these opportunities as a chance to bring about optimal results. Staff at the Farber Agency view these concerns as an opportunity to grow, learn and challenge ourselves to do better. We welcome client input and we will address your concerns promptly and attentively.
  • Win or lose, we're here to help.  Doing business and providing good customer service is not always about the "sale" it is about assisting each client with his/her own specific needs.
  • Trained Staff. The Farber Agency has trained staff in a variety of areas that cover most anyone's needs. Our staff are helpful, courteous and knowledgeable.
  • Going beyond. Providing good or great customer service means taking service one step further. Staff at the Farber Agency believe in "taking the extra step" to meet all your needs and beyond.....
  • Extra Treat. Stop in at the Farber Agency for cup of coffee, glass of water or even on occasion a "special" treat. We enjoy your company and we want our office to feel like your home -- where you feel WELCOME ALL THE TIME!

How Can We Help You?......

  • YOU are important to us! At the Farber Agency you are important to us and we will work with you to assess your needs and match our recommendations to protect you and your assets. We are very confident that we are the right agency to serve your specific insurance needs. Our doors are always open.
  • Annual Policy Reviews are standard at our agency and necessary to ensure that you have adequate coverage in case of a loss and that you have an opportunity to share with us the changes in your life, so that we can better protect your assets.  
  • Community Support and Involvement. This is your home and we know that you are proud of where you reside. Along with providing the type of care that you want from an insurance provider, we are also very active in the local community. It is important to us to support our local organizations and continue to give back what has been given to us.  In a round about way, we are helping you support the community that you call home.
We don't just sell insurance, we sell a high level of service.
We pride ourselves on being the best in town!

To have us provide a quote for any of these services, please call us directly at 605-448-5150 or you can go to our online quote request form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Farber Insurance Agency
705 Main St PO Box 129
Britton, South Dakota 57430
Serving the Britton-Hecla Area / Marshall, Day, Brown, Sargeant (ND), and surrounding counties.
Phone: (605) 448-5150
Cell: (605) 880-3360
Fax: (605) 448-2810
Email: tfarbnfu@brittonsd.com
Website – www.FarmersUnionInsurance.com/tfarber


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