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Farmers Union Insurance Telecommunications Risk Management Team increases safety and prevents losses at no extra charge to our clients.

The primary purpose of Farmers Union Insurance's Risk Control Team is to work with your in-house safety personnel and programs to help prevent losses from occurring, and to help limit the severity and frequency of any losses that do occur. To that end, we offer many services and materials at no charge to assist our policyholders:
  • Evaluation of your company's risk exposures and loss control needs
  • Assistance in evaluating records that may be pertinent to your company's claims and loss experience
  • Performance of a partial or complete on-site risk control survey to identify loss exposures related to insured hazards
  • Assistance with evaluating your risk control programs and procedures to identify deficiencies and suggest areas for improving your company's safety and risk management practices
  • Assistance in identifying your safety training needs and available resources
  • Provision of follow-up services for evaluating the effectiveness of the service provided
  • "Between the Lines" - A four page bi-monthly safety newsletter containing safety topics and tips designed exclusively for telephone/telecommunications companies and cable television operations
  • "Safe Driver" Awards - Awarded each year to individual employee drivers who have completed the calendar year with no chargeable vehicle incidents
  • Audio Visual Library - Free use of our library of videotaped materials covering over 100 titles relating to safety
  • Specifically designed safety training modules on subjects such as driver improvement, post incident procedures, accident/incident investigation, and business resumption planning
  • Assistance in evaluating loss history performance
  • Various miscellaneous safety promotion items such as "No Smoking" signs, vehicle accident reporting kits, "Buckle Up" stickers, etc.

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