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Insurance Quotes & Products

We offer all lines of insurance.

Remember this: We make your insurance purchasing experience personal and professional.

  • Auto Insurance – Not only do we have great companies and great rates but we have the knowledge and a level of service that you expect and deserve.  We can get the information we need to quickly go to work for you.  Let us show you how our knowledge and access to quality car insurance can benefit you!
  • Homeowners Insurance – Our homeowners insurance is designed to protect the home and the homeowners with the most up to date coverages in the industry.  In most situations, our rates are among the lowest and we can offer signfificant discounts, By allowing us to service more than just your home insurance, we can pass on additional savings in for form of package discounts.   
  • Renters Insurance – Just because you don't own a home doesn't mean you don't have a need to protect your possessions and provide yourself with personal liability insurance.  Also, ask us about packaging your renters insurance with your auto insurance for even greater discounts.  
  • Commercial Insurance – Do you own a business?  Are you planning on starting or taking over a business?  You need to give us a call.  With our 20 years of quality experience in this area we can quickly start gathering the information we need to provide a quote. If we aren't able to help you we can offer advise and guidance to send you in the right direction.  Commercial insurance is very complicated with a lot of information needed both at the beginning of the process and then continually over time.  We understand the amount of work that has to be done to run a business and have helped many with their commercial insurance.  You need your commercial insurance and your agent to be an asset and not a liability.  
  • Farm Insurance – If you live on a farm, or have farm income, you have the added concern of protecting your unique agricultural operation. We are experts at working with farm property and liability protection to make sure you have the coverage that you need.  In our 20 years that we have been here, we have noticed a general lack of adequate coverage and awareness by people about their insurance needs related to rural living and production agriculture. Many have not had their options explained to help them decide what they really need.
  • Life Insurance - There are three reasons that people need life insurance:

    • They love someone
    • They owe someone
    • They have a substantial estate that are is not readily convertible to cash

    At lease one of these three reasons applies to each of us!  You need to have the right type and amount of life insurance because there are a lot of differences and choices from policy to policy.

  • Health Insurance

    Health Insurance- Having the need for health insurance is universal.  In our country, fulfilling that need takes individual initiative, especially for the self employed or those without an employer sponsored health plan available.  We can help.  Whether you need health insurance for your employees, your family, yourself or a short term need, give us a call!  Health insurance has been a part of our agency for the last 20 years and we do not take lightly the importance of it. 

    Individual or Family Medical Insurance
    We work with a number of health insurance plans from a number of quality carriers.  In many cases we can provide the quality coverage you may need.  Call us for quotes and information.

    Short-Term Medical Insurance
    Are you a recent graduate or just laid-off? We provided short-term medical coverage to fill the gap until you get back on your feet. Short term medical offers medical protection for 30 days to a year.

  • Medicare Supplements
    If you qualified or soon to be qualified for Medicare you need adequate information about the supplements that are available.  The Medicare supplements have standardized benefits but are diverse.  Many times we can help those looking for the supplements that fit for them at the best price possible.

  • Long Term Care Insurance
    Long term care insurance (LTC) is a real need for most Americans between the ages of 45 and 75.  Unfortunately, most people in that age bracket know very little about this need and what is truly available for them.  Most of us think of LTC as nursing home insurance, but it is that and more. With these newer policies, we can keep you or your parents from going to the nursing home by providing specialized care from home.

  • Many people over the last 25 years have relied on Medicaid to take care of them in their elder years. The restrictions on this occurring are very significant.  People do not realize they have to lose most of their assets to qualify for Medicare.

  • To have us provide a quote for any of these services, please call us directly at [7856286134] or you can use the online quote request form and we will get right back with you.

Randy R Mader
111 W 8th St PO Box 761
Hays, Kansas  67601
Phone: (785) 628-6134
Cell: (785) 650-9732
Fax: (785) 628-7989
Email: randymader@ruraltel.net
Website – www.FarmersUnionInsurance.com/rmader


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