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Personal Umbrella Insurance protects you from a Liability lawsuit. Ask your local agent about a Farmers Union Insurance Personal Umbrella policy

You have your home and auto insurance policies in place. Is there any more protection you may need? Possibly. As healthcare and liability costs continue to rise, lawsuits become more common and jury awards escalate, your basic policy liability limits might not be large enough to protect you and your family. That's why it makes sense to consider a personal umbrella policy from Farmers Union Insurance for additional protection against a large liability claim.

An accident can result in a liability claim that could cost you your home, car, savings and investments - even a portion of your future earnings. We often hear about liability verdicts and settlements in the high six figures - and above.

Our personal umbrella can help protect you from such damages.

Our personal umbrella policy offers additional coverage above the liability limits in your home or auto policies from Farmers Union Insurance.

You can purchase a minimum of one million dollars of extra liability coverage under our umbrella, with certain higher limits available. The cost for such additional security can be surprisingly affordable.

The bottom line: substantially more coverage and more security at little additional cost. Call your Farmers Union Insurance agent today for all the details.

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