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Car Insurance Quotes

Automobile Insurance is one of our main lines of business.  We do not focus on what a potential client has for current coverage.  We ask necessary questions to make sure that we are quoting exactly what we feel that person should have for coverage.  Explaining each part of the coverage is very important.  We want to make sure a client walks out of our office confident and feeling good about their insurance product.

We offer numerous discounts: good student discount, defensive driver training, and a unique safe driver discount for children under the age of 25.  To receive the safe driver discount, a child must take a short exam in our office prior to receiving the discount.  The parents and child also sign an agreement  between them that they take home as to what will be the "consequence" if the child would break one of the driving rules that they agree to by signature.  Of course we also offer package and fleet discounts also.

Some of the more common questions we get are:

What is Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist?  This coverage is for bodily injury, not property damage.  If you are in an accident that is not your fault and you are injured, your medical bills will first be paid under medical pay, then into the bodily injury section of the insurance policy provided for the people that hit you.  If they do not carry adequate limits, you can come back to  your own insurance policy under the "Underinsured Motorist" part of your policy.  If the people who hit you do not carry any insurance at all, you can come back to your own policy under the "Uninsured Motorist" Coverage.

Do I have enough coverage?  In today's society, that is a tough question.  We will look at each situation differently, and ask the client what they can afford.  We always offer the higher limits, with an umbrella on top, and work down from there. 

What is rental coverage?  If you have a full coverage vehicle on your policy, and want to be able to rent a car to go on vacation, and have it covered, we will cover that vehicle the same as an owned vehicle.  Rental coverage is needed in case you are in an accident, and need a rental while your car is being fixed.

State minimum limits for the State of Nebraska is 25,000 per person, 50,000 per vehicle for bodily injury,  25,000 on property damage.  State limits for uninsured and underinsured motorist are the same as bodily injury.  These limits are too low in my opinion.  There are a lot of "what ifs" that we will go through with someone coming in for a quote that carry these minimum limits.

Everyone needs auto insurance, but you need to know what you are buying. We pride ourselves on advising each client as to what liability limits are necessary.  We realize every person's situation, and know that one policy may be alright for one individual, but not the next.  We will explain each coverage in detail.  This ensures that you have best possible coverage in the event of a claim. If you have questions regarding your current coverage, just contact us and we will be happy to provide a detailed insurance review.

We offer Automobile Insurance through the following companies:

  • QBE Farmers Union Insurance Auto Insurance
  • Progressive Auto Insurance
  • Foremost Auto Insurance
  • DairyLand Auto Insurance
  • Fidelity 

To have us provide a quote for any of these services, please call us directly at 402-296-5829] or you can use the online quote request form and we will get right back with you.

Pam Caba Agency
316 Chicago Ave POB 92
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Phone: (402) 296-5829
Cell: (402) 297-6860
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