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Why Choose Us for Your Nebraska Farm or Nebraska Ranch Insurance?

Farmers Union Insurance has been providing insurance protection to Nebraska farm families since 1945. We are a company that is founded on rural values. We know what is important to agricultural families and we want to help you protect what is important.

Your Nebraska ranch or farm is your livelihood. You and your family work hard to make it successful every single day of the year. That dedication is something that should be celebrated and protected. Why should all your hard work go to waste if a tornado rips through your town, or, if a severe hail storm ruins your crops for the year? We have policies to protect against these types of situations.

We Also Offer a Variety of Nebraska Farm Insurance Discounts Including:

  • Farm Auto
  • Package Discounts
  • Full Pay Premiums
  • Good Students

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Farmers Union Insurance is the Best Choice for Nebraska Farm:

We offer a wide variety of Nebraska farm insurance coverage. We will customize a policy to fit the specific needs of your farm. For example if you have 1 head or 1,000 head of cattle on your property we will create a policy that is suited to your situation.

Some of what we cover under our Farm Umbrella Policy:

  • Buildings and Structures
  • Livestock
  • Machinery
  • Refrigerated Products
  • Debris Removal
  • Crops

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Fairness and Ethics Guide Us

At Farmers Union Insurance we understand the Nebraska farming lifestyle. We are a company that is based in rural values and we pride ourselves on building stronger communities. Our agents are very active in the local community and take great care in dealing with clients and residents, treating them like family. Fairness and ethics guide everything we do. We value your business and the long term relationships we build with our clients. We would be honored to be providing your Nebraska farm insurance.

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