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QBE Farmers Union Insurance has a greater than 92% satisfaction rating on claims filed by our clients.
The primary reason why you carry insurance is so that in the event the unexpected happens you can rely on your insurance carrier to help make things right again. This is when insurance companies really differentiate themselves. QBE Farmers Union Insurance receives high marks on its claims process. In fact, we received a greater than 92% satisfaction evaluation from our clients during the first half of 2007. Lot’s of insurance companies talk about service when you have a claim. We deliver.
What Can I Expect From QBE Farmers Union Insurance’s Claims Process?
From the minute you report your loss to its conclusion, our highly trained claims representatives are poised to provide you with professional assistance. 

Farmers Union Insurance Claims - Montana

We feel it is the personal attention, speed and accuracy of our claims service that sets us apart from other insurance companies. It is when you need us most that we have the opportunity to show you the value of our fast, caring Client Care Claims Service™ and our ability to settle your claim fairly and accurately.
Client Care Claims Service™
Experiencing a loss is a hardship for you and your family. Our Client Care Claims Service™ assures that you will receive personalized attention and a rapid response to your claim.
If you have a claim concern, please contact your local Montana insurance branch manager.  The manager’s contact information is located below. If the Branch Claim Manager for your state is unavailable, please contact us at our Home Office Client Claim Hotline at 1-800-347-1961.  The manager’s contact information is located below. If the Branch Claim Manager for your state is unavailable, please contact us at our Home Office Client Claim Hotline at 1-800-347-1961.
What our clients say about us:
Here are some actual, unsolicited comments from our clients and others.
“Thank you so much for your excellent customer service and care. You were everything I’d ever hoped for from an insurance company, and I feel bad for anyone who doesn’t have you! You were definitely above and beyond all you needed to be!”
          -Leah G., North Dakota
“I was unfortunately rear-ended by one of your insureds. The service I received from your company was quick, efficient and virtually painless. I was impressed at how quickly my car was taken care of and checks were issued. Thank you.”
          -Claimant in Montana
From repair shops where we refer customers:
“Claims can sometimes be complex and extensive, taking cooperation from all parties involved to reach a positive outcome. From our experience, National QBE Farmers Union Insurance always handles the claims process in a competent and professional manner.”
          -D. Schaefer, Colorado
“I work with a lot of insurance carriers in my business and was impressed by the expedited way this claim was handled and paid. I will tell my customers about your company and how effectively you pay claims. Thank You!”
          - Repair shop in North Dakota
We know that every detail is important to you. Our local Claims Representative helps get your life back on track and get you back to the things that are most important to you.
Claims Branch Managers
Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming – Craig Stanley, 303-338-2613
Minnesota – Jim Sullivan, 800-280-143 x4077,
Montana, Utah – Brad Bowman, 1-877-868-9848 x1,
North Dakota – Gene Grugel, 1-800-366-8331 x196,
South Dakota – Jim Moehring, 1-866-470-8181 x11,

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