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Why Choose Farmers Union Insurance for Your Homeowners Insurance in MN?

  • We Want to Help You Protect Your Biggest Investment
  • We Provide Customized Policies to Meet the Unique Needs of Your Family
  • We Have Dedicated Local Agents Who Are Very Knowledgeable About Your Area
  • We Offer Package Discounts When Combined With Your Auto or Commercial Insurance

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What Makes Quality Minnesota Home Insurance So Hard To Find?

In MN we have unique challenges as homeowners. We have very long, cold winters and very hot summers. This creates unique situations for heating and cooling issues. It can also be challenging when dealing with the structure of the home. The extreme hot and cold can be difficult on a home.

Minnesota Homeowners Insurance - Farmers Union Homeowners Insurance

Let Farmers Union Insurance help you take care of your home.

Minnesota Homeowners Insurance Created Just for You

At Farmers Union Insurance we understand that every individual and family has a unique set of needs. When you call anyone of our MN Home Insurance agents, we will take the time to sit down with you and learn all about your specific needs. This information helps us to create a customized Minnesota Insurance policy that is just right for you and your family. Our MN agents live and work in your local area so they are very familiar with your local community.

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