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Renters Insurance Quotes

No matter if you own a home or rent, you have valuable personal property to protect. The best way to protect your assets is through a renters insurance policy. We can protect you whether you rent a house, townhome or an apartment.

Renters coverage protects you from vandalism, robbery or even a fire. We can also protect you from the injury of another person or damage to their property, whether this occurred in your residence or not.

Coverage is worldwide, so whether your car gets broken into on a family trip or your luggage gets stolen from the airport, you are able to recover your losses.

You may be eligible for discounts on multiple policies if purchasing any combination of: auto insurance, homeowners insurance, renters insurance, farm and ranch insurance. Be sure to ask us how this works

Personal Liability
The most important part of a renters policy is the liability portion. This will cover damage to other's property with no deductible and protect you from lawsuits.

To have us provide a quote for any of these services, please call us directly at 801-489-5625, or you can use the online quote request form and we will get right back with you.

Simmons Insurance
14 North Main Street
Springville, Utah  84663
Phone: 801-489-5625
Cell: 801-369-7241
Fax: 801-491-8857
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