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Homeowner Insurance Quotes

Looking For the Right Home Insurance Coverage?

  • Personal and Custom Homeowners Insurance Quotes
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  • You've worked hard for your home. We help you protect it.

Custom Home Insurance Coverage

Homeowner insurance quotes are not all created equal. Really cheap home insurance coverage may not be best for you. Farmers Union is a homeowners insurance company making a difference in our home owner's lives.

For most people, their home is their most valuable asset. It is where your family gathers, where your children grow up, where you relax and retire. It represents your way of life. Whether you rent or own, we know that your home is your sanctuary. Let us help you protect it.

Depending on situation Farmers Union Insurance offers many different types of insurance to protect your residence and possessions. We offer policies for:

The Cost to Replace Your Home

It's a terrible tragedy when you have catastrophic damage that destroys your home. It becomes an even greater tragedy when you discover after the loss that you do not have your home insured for enough to re-build it. "Value" is a confusing concept, especially when it comes to homeowners insurance quotes. There are several ways to describe the value of your home (or any other insured structure):
  • Replacement Cost Value

    The cost to rebuild the structure as it is today is the replacement cost value. This also takes into consideration any improvements and updates you have made to your home.
  • Actual Cash Value

    This is the cost to rebuild the structure less depreciation. Basically - if you think about this in terms of automobiles - this would be replacing your 2000 Ford Ranger that was totaled in an accident with another 2000 Ford Ranger.
  • Functional Replacement Cost Value

    The cost to rebuild the structure using today's construction methods. With newer homes there is no difference between the Replacement Cost and Functional Replacement Cost Value. With older homes there could be significant difference. If you have ornate woodwork, plaster walls, etc., this valuation is probably not for you.
  • Market Value

    The Market Value is the value for which you could sell your home. This value also includes the value of the land and any other improvements. It is often very different from any of the above values due to the real estate market in your area. It is our position at Farmers Union Insurance not to insure homes strictly on a Market Value basis.
We encourage you to discuss your valuation options to select the right coverage for you. Call now to get personalized homeowners insurance quotes today.

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