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Condo Insurance and Townhouse Insurance policies are different than other Homeowners policies. Farmers Union Insurance provides the coverage to keep you and your personal property covered.

How Condominium or Townhome Insurance Is Different

If you are a condo or Townhome owner, your insurance needs are slightly different from those of a home owner. As a condo owner you own only your unit within a much larger structure or complex. You share ownership in the overall structures and all common areas for upkeep and maintenance. Insuring these common structures and areas is the responsibility of the association, and part of your association dues pays for this coverage. However, that coverage will not protect your personal property within your own unit or your liability if someone is injured on your property.

What Is Covered by Condominium Insurance

Condominium insurance typically covers your possessions within your unit. This includes furniture, appliances, wall décor, kitchen and bath facilities and your personal items. Any improvements you make inside your condo are also covered, for example built-in light fixtures, wall units, renovations, wallpaper. High value items like electronics or collectibles may not be included and should be discussed with your insurance agent.

Townhome Exceptions

Some Townhomes do not have an organization providing insurance for buildings, maintenance or common areas. In this case, each unit is considered a single-family residence and standard homeowners insurance applies. Talk with your insurance agent who can best advise you on the protection needed for your situation.

Property Inventory

One of the most important things you can do for to protect yourself in the unfortunate event you have a claim is to maintain a current inventory of your possessions. If you have a video recorder, periodically walk throughout your property and make a narrated video. Be sure to store the checklist and video in a secure place, like a safety deposit box.

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