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Colorado Renters Insurance - Farmers Union Renters Insurance

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  • Replacement Cost Value Coverage
Although many renters may think that either their possessions aren’t worth much, or that Colorado renters insurance is too overpriced, or even that they will be covered by their landlord’s insurance, these are all untrue. 

In truth, renters insurance is more than worth it, as the cost is far less than the cost to replace everything you own. In reality, the landlord’s insurance usually only covers the building only, not your personal property. The bottom line is that although often overlooked, Colorado renters insurance is very important, and more than worth it.

    Benefits of Colorado Renters Insurance with Farmers Union


    Replacement Cost Value

    Standard renters insurance in Colorado will usually cover the cost of your possessions on what is referred to as an Actual Cash Value basis. In other words, it covers the cost to replace your items, less depreciation. This means that is your goods are stolen or damaged, and need to be replaced; there could be a large difference between what your insurance policy pays, and the cost to replace the items.

    At Farmers Union Insurance, we offer Replacement Cost Value coverage. This means that we will cover the full cost for repair or replacement on your property, without taking out a deduction for depreciation. With Farmers Union's Colorado renters insurance, you really can’t afford not to have it.


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