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At Farmers Union Insurance, we value your and your family's health and well-being. So we developed NFU HealthPlus [.pdf link to brochure], a series of affordable limited benefit medical insurance plans for members of National Farmers Union and their families.

How does NFU HealthPlus Meet the Needs of Rural America?

  • Rural residents are 20 percent more likely to suffer fatal or disabling accidents. FNU HealthPlus plans include Accidental Death & Dismemberment benefits for all covered members.
  • Employers with three to 10 employees are 40 percent less likely to offer health insurance, and rural residents are 20 percent more likely to work for small employers or for themselves. NFU HealthPlus is available to you as long as you're already a Farmers Union Insurance insured and also an NFU member. Eligibility for this insurance is not based on employment, so your coverage won't be affected if you change or leave a job.
  • Choice of health care providers can be more limited and distances to travel for care are longer for those living in rural areas. NFU HealthPlus doesn't limit your choice of providers. It does offer access to a Preferred Provider network so you can make benefit dollars go further, but you can choose any doctor or health care facility you prefer.

Who is Eligible for NFU HealthPlus?

You, as long as you are a member in good standing of the National Farmers Union and are insured under another policy issued by Farmers Union Insurance, are under age 65 and not eligible for Medicare. Currently, NFU HealthPlus is only available in Colorado and Wyoming.

You may insure your spouse or domestic partner and/or any natural, step- or adopted children up to age 19, or up to age 25 if they're full-time students. Children over age 25 may be covered if they are incapacitated and fully dependent upon you for support.

For more information on what NFU HealthPlus covers call your local Farmers Union Insurance Agent.

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