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Their are many types of life insurance to fit individual needs and circumstance. The following are some of the basic types of life insurance available.

Whole Life
Similar to term, but you purchase the policy to cover your "whole life" not just a set period. Premiums remain level throughout the life of the policy, and the company invests at least a portion of your premiums. Some firms share investment proceeds with policyholders in the form of a dividend. Many companies will offer "a relatively low guaranteed rate of return," but in reality pay at a rate in excess of the guarantee.

Universal Life -
You decide how much you want to put in over and above a minimum premium. The company chooses the investment vehicle, which is generally restricted to bonds and mortgages. The investment and the returns go into a cash-value account, which you can use against premiums or allow to build.

HEALTH INSURANCE (go to www.toddwhitehill.mymedquote.com for more info)

An individual or family health insurance plan covers one person, or a family, on one plan. While an individual or family health insurance policy may cost more than a group policy it is better than not having health insurance coverage at all. An unexpected illness or serious injury can ruin a family financially if they do not have some basic coverage.

Most insurance companies offer health care plans to individuals as PPO's (Preferred Provider Organizations) and generally offer different levels of deductible to keep premiums within budget. Each person or family must determine what coverage, premium, deductible and out of pocket expense will best suit their needs and their family budget. Unlike group insurance that is available to an entire assemblage of people, no matter what their health status, almost all insurance companies require extensive medical history information. In some situations, individual health insurance is available on a guaranteed issue basis.

Going to the doctor is expensive. Take the burden from your pocketbook and place it in a health savings account or purchase a family or individual plan to pay for any major medical expenses that may occur in the upcoming years.

Term Insurance
The simplest form of insurance. You purchase coverage for a specific price for a specified period. If you die during that time, your beneficiary receives the value of the policy. There is no investment component.

Are you a recent graduate or just laid-off? We provided short-term medical coverage to fill the gap until you get back on your feet. Assurant Health can provide coverage from 30 days to a year.

Medicare only provides so much, to increase your coverage ask us about which supplement you should purchase.


Financial advisors across America agree that investment and retirement planning should include consideration for Long Term Care.

   What is Long Term Care?

Long term care is the type of care needed when you have a serious illness or disability and you need assistance with daily living activities. People of all ages need long term care due to illnesses, physical disabilities, and injuries from automobile and sporting accidents. In fact, more than 40% of those receiving long term care services are under age 65. (The Wall Street Journal, October 22, 2001, “Helping Hands,” Interview with industry expert.)

It is estimated that one in two Americans will need long term care services at some time in their lifetime.

(Long-Term Care, Your Financial Planning Guide, Kensington Publishing Corp., 2001, p.5,35.)

   Where are Long Term Care Services Provided?

The majority of long term care services are provided in the individual’s home, an adult day care center, or an assisted living facility, rather than a nursing home. These services are available in most communities, and the number and variety of care providers is increasing. For most families, the problem is not the availability of care, but rather the high cost.

   Keeping Your Options Open

A Long Term Care Policy will help keep your options open if you need care for an extended period of time. By paying for care in a variety of settings, including care in your own home, the policy will help maintain your freedom of choice in determining how and where you receive care. Long term care insurance can also provide you with a greater selection of services and facilities should you need care, and because of the wide array of benefits provided for Home Health Care, can help you remain at home longer and age in place.

   Help Protect Your Savings and Financial Independence

The high costs of long term care services may present the single greatest threat to your lifetime savings, financial independence, and retirement security. Neither traditional medical insurance nor Medicare pays for most of these services, and Medicaid generally will not pay unless the individual qualifies for welfare assistance. Because the costs are so high and the care may be needed for several years or longer, long term care insurance can play an important role in helping protect your savings and financial independence. Millions of Americans have purchased long term care insurance, and many more are acquiring this coverage each year.

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