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Insurance Quotes & Additional Offerings

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Life Insurance
Proper life insurance helps families through a very difficult time. It protects your family's assets and life from an unexpected loss. We can help you evaluate and plan how much coverage you should have and the type of policy that best fits your specific situation.

We offer many types of life insurance:
  • Term Life: Provides protection for mortgage and loan payments, and money for final expenses
  • Whole Life: Provides protection and builds cash value. It can also be borrowed against.
  • Universal Life: Similar to whole life; provides protection and builds cash value
  • Disability Income: Pays you cash if you are disabled and unable to work

Health Insurance
Going to the doctor is expensive. Take the burden from your pocketbook and place it in a health savings account or purchase a family or individual plan to pay for any major medical expenses that may occur in the upcoming years.

Individual or Family Medical Insurance
Blue Cross & Blue Shield of MN provides numerous plans to fit you and your family's medical needs.

Short-Term Medical Insurance
Are you a recent graduate or just laid-off? We provided short-term medical coverage to fill the gap until you get back on your feet. Assurant Health and Blue Cross can provide coverage from 30 days to a year.

Medicare Supplements
Medicare only provides so much, to increase your coverage ask us about which supplement you should purchase.

Long Term Care Insurance
Let's face it. The American population is steadily getting older. We all love our parents, but do you want to take of them along with your own children? A simple solution is long term care insurance. Most of us think of it as nursing home insurance, but it is quite the opposite. With these policies, we can keep you or your parents from going to the nursing home by providing specialized care from home. Most people rely on Medicaid to take care of them in their elder years. People do not realize they have to lose most of their assets to qualify. For more information click here.

To have us provide a quote for any of these services, please call us directly at (620) 225-0999 or you can online quote request form and we will get right back with you.

Sandra G Pino
100 Military Avenue STE 200
Dodge City, Kansas  67801
Phone: (620) 225-0999
Fax: (620) 225-7746
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