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Most of us are not experts in insurance. We know we need it and in some cases we are required by law or a lender to carry it. And, because insurance is not something that you can take for a test drive or try on to make sure it fits, its also one of the most difficult things to buy. There are so many things involved in making insurance decisions that we tend to make individual decisions instead of one big decision. It's easier to make an auto insurance decision when you buy a new car while ignoring your home insurance. Making these decisions together can give you some major benefits, not the least of which is saving you some money.

That's why we created the comprehensive Protection ProfileSM process; so we can help you understand where you are in life and what your insurance needs really are. Your profile is tailored just for you. We'll ask you questions about your family, household, vehicles, business, hobbies, valuable possessions and what's important to you. Then, we'll review your current coverage, and make our protection recommendations, give you a personalized proposal, and a quote. We are committed to making sure that you and your family are protected and taken care of in the right way when you need it most.

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